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March 4, 1pm - 4pm: DFL State Central Committee Meeting
March 19, 9am - 5pm: Data Practices Training

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Our Revolution MN is a 100% volunteer group of Minnesotans. Our goal is to bring people together to stay connected and motivated to enact progressive policy, get authentic representation in our local government, and create a better future here in MN. We’re stepping up as community organizers, educators, parents, and working people to meet our community needs.

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Showing Up

“It’s ironic,” I thought, as I pedaled furiously along the Midtown Greenway, “that I spent so much emotional energy being outraged at the news of the travel ban, and yet …

Power of the People

A first-hand account of the Women’s March from a member of Our Revolution MN By Robert Roedl Traffic was backed up almost to the Minneapolis border as droves of people …

Let’s March.

Get ready to march, Minnesota! Link: Women’s March Minnesota All are welcome and encouraged to stand up with our female friends and neighbors. The larger the crowd, the louder our …